I Peed at Least Eight Times While Writing This


33 Week Belly

33 weeks! I missed my 32-week update so this post incorporates the past two weeks. It’s definitely getting more difficult living with this belly. Sleep is a challenge some nights as there is really only once position I can sleep in now and it requires adjusting a myriad of pillows all around me. And even though I go to the bathroom before getting into bed, of course 10 minutes later I have to pee so bad I think I might not even make it five feet to the bathroom. I’ve been battling some kind of fatigue that just cripples me. I don’t know if it’s pregnancy or FMS but it’s more likely a bit of both, but it’s kinda of like running straight into a concrete wall after someone’s being throwing you the punches from head to toe. Oh, and you haven’t slept or eaten for two days. But I also have blips of feeling pretty good and having lots of energy. I started taking Pranin curry iron about two weeks ago but I don’t really feel much of a difference. Having my iron tested on Monday to see where I’m at.

Oh, and leg cramps. I had the worst charley horse last night that my calf is still sore.

What’s AWESOME is that the button hook (tearing muscle) in my belly is finally gone. It’s an enormous relief. Gawd that was awful. That’s an understatement. It was actually a little torturous.

Last Thursday I went to the mainland to visit my mama. We went into Coquitlam and Richmond and had a baby shopping extravaganza (well we went to two stores but spent A LOT of time in each). A huge thank you to my mom for helping me pick out some awesome baby stuff. We settled on the Peg Perego infant car seat, which we think was a great choice, and it’s super stylish. Happily, the crib I wanted was $150 off the regular price, and I ended up getting $100 off the Phil and Ted’s Navigator stroller I had my heart set on too because they had two floor models. Major score. We had a wonderful experience at West Coast Kids—the sales lady was super friendly and helpful, and they even stayed open after closing so we could finish up our shopping. Gosh it feels good to have the big stuff taken care of. I was feeling some anxiety around that in the past few weeks.

On Saturday my brother took my mama and me for breakfast at a diner in Deroche, then we visited my nephew, his wife and their two little ones. They just had their second baby Monday from last! It was a super strange feeling to hold a five-day-old baby in my arms, while my own almost-here baby kicked in my belly. It was like he could sense being so close to this new young soul and was saying hello. Incredible that my baby is so close in age to my grand nephew. Incredible that my mom became a great-grandmother for the fifth time last week, and in two months or so will become a grandmother for the fifth time—the last time being over 20 years ago.

Baby Nixon's Crib

Spent this week getting more things ready around the house: Buying diapers (OMG I’M HAVING A BABY), washing sheets and baby clothes (k, I swear they all shrunk even though I tumbled dry low; am I going to suck at this?), searching for a dresser, spending way to much time on etsy searching for handmade baby stuff. Tomorrow I SWEAR I’m starting Hypnobabies. If Baby Nixon arrives early I won’t be finished the program. If I cross my legs real tight will he stay in until I’m a master at birthing hypnosis?

K, I promised a post on the birth plan but that’ll be next week now. It’s time for a little rest now…

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Nursery Mood Board


Nursery Moodboard

Left to right: Diaper bag: ikabags | Owl glow lamp: Urban Barn | “Lumi & Lewis” poster: le train fantome

Penguin wallpaper in silver: isak | Corian & walnut sideboard by Nissen and Gehl, The Conran Shop

Barn owl print: GingiberDeer rattle: manzanitakids

“I Love You” print: AldariArt | Owl pillow: GingiberWanderlust quilt: Frieke

“Not a Peep” crib bedding: Land of Nod | Dachshund bookends: Jonathan AdlerElephant Crib: Oeuf

Nixon chair: Thrive Home Furnishings | Bazaar Dhurrie rug: West Elm

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