Office Equipment Service Agreement


April 11, 2021

The distributor offers a service contract to protect you beyond a manufacturer`s basic warranty. In the case of a lease, you may need to enter into a service agreement and the fees are usually included in your lease. However, when buying, there are still many advantages to offering a service contract that make a smart investment. For example, if you`re not sure if a service contract for your device is correct, think about the impact of downtime on your business. While collecting your research on service contracts for photocopiers and MFPs, read our blog How much does a copier or printer service contract cost? to find out how service contracts are evaluated. I hope this will help you make your decisions! Here at Office Interiors, we recommend that our customers opt for the service contract unless they need their printer for occasional printing or if they can handle downtime in the event of a breakdown. I start by listing some situations in which you should have a service contract: You should buy a service contract if you receive a new photocopier or printer? This is probably one of the most important issues you should consider when buying a new device for your desktop. Unfortunately, both the pros and cons are not always obvious to a potential buyer. A service contract usually covers anything directly related to the device.

The minimum contract generally covers quality issues, repairs, parts and labour and provides a priority service. Today, many contracts also include toner maintenance and prevention. Buying or leasing a new photocopier or multifunctional device for your office is exciting! The right device can increase your team`s productivity and replace a room full of devices with a device with an MFP. If your company needs services that are not mentioned above, please contact us. In the end, what a service contract offers you is appeasement. Your device is properly maintained and helps avoid surprise charges. It can also help minimize or eliminate downtime. This is essential if your day-to-day business depends on your device. From our own experience, we find that network or firewall changes are one of the most common causes of connection problems with a photocopier/printer that is not covered by a service contract. For more information or to obtain these services, call 1-800-821-2797 or contact your local Xerox office.

If your requirements go beyond the maintenance and repair of the devices, we also offer network support and repair as well as extensive technical supports to improve all your office requirements. Paid services include: Viewing personalised support data and online devices A service contract generally covers everything that is directly related to the device itself, but not the network in which it operates. The minimum services of the industry covered by a service contract are breakdown/quality issues, parts and subsequent workers, as well as priority services to customers without a service contract. Service calls can cost up to $150 per hour if you are not covered without parts. Without a service contract, a single unexpected malfunction could cost hundreds of dollars. Another very valuable benefit provided by some merchants is the free use of a loan unit if your device cannot be repaired immediately; However, this is not an industry standard and you should always check with the dealer to find out if this service is available before signing a service contract.

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