Ieu Enterprise Agreement


April 9, 2021

The Federation of Independent Schools has informed the union that it does not intend to meet with the union again by November, and it is not certain that new enterprise agreements will be negotiated. The AIS also states that wage increases in 2021, if any, would be set on a discretionary basis outside the bargaining process. Independent School Agreements before the Commission The Multi-Business Agreements (MMA) that were voted on last year by teachers and facilitators and employees of independent schools remain before the Fair Labour Commission says that the Assistant Secretary of the IEU Carol Matthews IEU reaching an agreement with the AIS after the Commonwealth government changed the “super-nuation” guarantee rules that delay the increase in supernuation until 2021 , and the desire to obtain a position of approval of multi-company agreements for NSW`s independent schools. The AIS and IU have reached an approval position. Although the dioceses have agreed on the principle of annual increases in NSW and ACT salaries, we have not yet reached agreement on salary increases for support staff comme with those obtained last year by NSW public sector support staff. When schools negotiate their own enterprise agreements, problems naturally fall into four categories. Enterprise Agreements Many schools have collective agreements, usually with the participation of the Union. This is the first place to determine their conditions of employment. Below is a list of enterprise agreements – see here if your school has an enterprise agreement and get a copy. An enterprise agreement is the safest and most effective way to improve employment conditions in your workplace.

If your school has such an agreement, it is legally binding and the Modern Prize does not apply. AIS launches negotiations The Association of Independent Schools has indicated to the Union that it is ready to negotiate a new enterprise agreement for NSW teachers and support and operations staff. Position for the negotiating letter Letter to representatives and members of IEU Secretary General John Quessy Family and Domestic Violence Leave was recognized in national employment standards (as well as in modern awards). Any agreement that speaks only of positive reflection now falls below the bar. The ACT (and IEU) fee is valid for 10 days paid and paid either 5 or 10 days is the common result of EA. The advance for 10 continues. Teachers with uncodified workloads are subject to increased work with little leeway to govern them, because there are no limits to what can be asked of them. Even in Catholic and Lutheran conventions, where the workload is codified in detail, everything a teacher is supposed to do cannot be attributed to a codified “goat.” Since rewards and agreements include days of attendance and teaching loads, it is important to include at least these basic figures in the local agreement. These figures are known.

Now it`s time to write them in chords. Following, the IEU`s request for the inclusion of new multi-company agreements in 2021 applies. The IEU will meet this Wednesday, February 12 at 10:00 a.m. with the Catholic Labour Relations Board to discuss our requests for a new enterprise agreement for teachers and support staff in Catholic schools.

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