What Is A Physician Recruitment Agreement


December 20, 2020

Often, there are detailed provisions on expenses that are allocated to the physician. It is important to ensure that this is a complete list of expenses. Accommodation and .B equipment used exclusively by the physician must be included in the cost of renting or renting premises and equipment. Reasonable costs for procurement and telephone services (including the cost of a mobile phone and a usage plan); insurance premiums for wrongdoing Medical practices medical supplies and office supplies; a portion of accident insurance and liability premiums; Appropriate billing, forfeiture, law, accounting and other professional fees related to the physician; CME`s fees Mileage allowances for travel between offices and hospitals; Doctor`s fees License fees and AEDs; The costs of certifying and recertifying the board of directors; Health, disability and life insurance premiums; and medical aid for school debt. Although not each practice provides each of these benefits, the medical board may try to include these benefits in the employment contract (and the doctor`s employment contract) while the practice uses “other people`s money.” In a subsequent blog, I will discuss the provisions of the doctor`s employment contract that are influenced by recruitment, events that can speed up the repayment of borrowed funds and provisions that may prevent a doctor from repaying the loan. Stark Law, however, has exceptions. A special exception applies to recruitment services when all legal requirements are met. Some of the key details of the Stark Law exemption for physician recruitment are: 4. While it is important for physicians to work full-time and remain in the area during periods of care and forgiveness, this does not mean that the physician cannot maintain personal privileges in other hospitals or accept hires in other places; However, most recruitment agreements require that revenues from all sources be reported to the hospital to justify the need for medical assistance. Hiring agreements must comply with stark and anti-kickback laws. This is a good circumstance for us lawyers, given the unfathomableness of these laws. An interesting point is that the Stark Act limits non-competitive alliances in the doctor`s employment contract with the group. The group that employs the physician must understand that the doctor can stay in the service area and work until the loan is granted.

A common form of recruitment agreement for doctors is a guarantee of income for the practice and/or doctor. To simplify, the agreement ensures that the practice will receive sufficient revenue from physician benefits to pay the physician`s salary and benefits, as well as expenses directly attributable to the doctor`s office. To the extent that the physician does not generate sufficient collections to cover these costs, the health system undertakes to pay the deficit to practice. This is usually structured as a loan. As a general rule, there is a “guarantee period” and a “repayment period.” During the “guarantee” period, the health care system promotes the means necessary to pay the doctor`s salary and benefits, as well as the costs directly attributable to the doctor`s office.

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