Gpo Participation Agreement


December 9, 2020

What happens if there is a shortage of branded pharmaceutical products or ingredients used in the manufacture of specialty drugs? Can members protect their price agreements (costs less) with their major distributors and other terms of these agreements without having to exchange their contracts for the form negotiated by the GPO? Both circumstances can be treated positively by the hospital in its agreement with the GPO and should be requested and included in the OPG participation agreement. In addition, domestic groups that provide consulting services around form development may be prepared to provide the member with a free review and assessment. (d) members` representations. For the duration of the agreement, the member agrees: (i) comply with all the terms of this agreement, (ii) comply with all the terms of Afaxys GPO services that are fixed and in effect from time to time and are made available to the member or are made available to the member or published on the Afaxys GPO services website. , (iii) all terms of supplier contracts (and all local supplements or other contracts between the member and the supplier or third party with respect to supplier contracts) that are in compliance with the member`s obligations under the current legislation, including, but not only, the terms of payment, the duty requirements , specific usage requirements, liability rules and conciliation requirements, (iv) are duly licensed under applicable state legislation to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs and are certified to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs; (v) comply with all applicable laws of its implementation under this agreement; and (vi) to make separate agreements or confirmations, as requested by Afaxys GPO Services or a specific supplier, which seeks the member`s approval to comply with the terms of the respective supplier contracts. (a) participation in the contract. Active vendor contracts are listed on the Afaxys GPO Services website, which is updated from time to time by Afaxys GPO Services. Afaxys GPO Services will facilitate processes for members to inform suppliers of decisions to participate and purchase under supplier contracts. Afaxys GPO Services provides the member with a copy of all supplier contracts available for member participation at the member`s written request.

Each supplier determines the member`s purchase authorization under a supplier contract and the Member will purchase products and services directly from the designated supplier or distributor under each supplier contract in which the Member wishes to participate. The member is solely responsible for the payment of the products and the compliance of all other obligations as a member buyer under each supplier contract. As a result, the member frees Afaxys GPO Services from any liability or claim regarding these acts and obligations of the member and suppliers and keeps them unscathed. (h) modification and waiver. This agreement can only be amended, supplemented or amended by a written instrument signed by the authorized representatives of both parties. Any waiver of rights or inaction in a particular case is only related to this case and should not be construed as an agreement to waive rights or take action, whether similar or not.

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