Yep I’m Still Pregnant


April 23, 2014 Pregnancy No Comments

40-Week Bump

Well here we are at 40 weeks and no baby yet. Which isn’t unusual of course, as most first pregnancies are over their due date. This due date thing, any how, is slightly annoying. It’s nothing more than a guidepost. Less than five percent of women give birth on their due dates. But everyone seems so focussed on that date. People seem to think it’s freak-out time if the baby hasn’t arrived yet. I lost count of how many strangers have said to me, “When’s the big day?” To which I reply, “I don’t know—I don’t have a crystal ball.” And they look at me like I’m insane. Oh, the “big day” is the “due date”? And here I thought the “big day” was the day I give birth to a human being.

I know, I’m being cynical. But I’m so ready to get this baby out and thoughtless questions from people I hardly know isn’t really what I need right now. Nor are statements that point out the very obvious. “You’re still pregnant!” they say emphatically when they see me. Yes, I am all too aware of the fact that I AM STILL PREGNANT. I guess it’s news to them.

I still can’t feel most of my fingers and my hands hurt. It’s more annoying and painful than I care to write about and I’m sure you care to read about. I’ve had a few minor meltdowns but generally I am doing quite well considering. I attribute that to the fact that I am sleeping most of the night. If I wasn’t sleeping, I’d be totally hysterical. Wearing hand splints at night has helped a lot, but really I’m sleeping at night because I upped the dosage of my sleeping meds. Good rest is the most important thing for me right now. But, getting cracked at chiro, eating hydrating foods, drinking plenty of fluids, and not doing much with my hands that will aggravate the symptoms also helps with the carpal tunnel. (I almost cried after making banana bread last week.) I ice my hands 4-5 times a day to keep the swelling down too.

Not too much going on physically to indicate that Little Nixon is ready to enter the world. He definitely dropped some more yesterday. I hardly have to bend forward at all to feel my tummy on my thighs. And I can feel much more pressure from his head on my cervix. He’s dancing around upside down quite a bit at this very moment. It’s not painful; but it feels pretty strange. I’ve had a few nights lately of this.

This afternoon I had laser acupuncture from my lovely friend and laser therapist to get the “blood moving” and hopefully encourage baby too. She put a very small needle in each ear to calm my mind, which I’m finding very effective. The needles will stay in my ears for a few days, and she’ll be adding more in the coming days. Got some tuina and a foot massage too, which always relaxes me. (Tuina massage is utter heaven in my humble opinion. Highly recommended by yours truly.)

I’m hoping for a weekend birth…as this would be ideal for the ladies on my birth team, who both have busy weeks with work commitments. If y’all want to send your good birth vibes on Saturday I would be most grateful! Over the next few days I plan to work on naturally inducing labour with pretty benign stuff like walking, eating a spicy meal or tropical fruits, acupressure, and maybe even a little dancing! Normally I would be the type to just wait it out, but this mama needs to get the feeling back in her hands and fingers STAT. Cuz it’s the kind of thing that can drive a pregnant woman bat-shit crazy. And we don’t need any of that around here.

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