35-Week Baby Bump


March 22, 2014 Pregnancy 3

35 Week Bump

35 Week Bump

Just a short update. I’m too weary and bone-tired to write much. My brain is functioning at CAPACITY LOW. In fact, I feel absolutely awful.

But just look at that belly! It’s so smooth and soft. Not even a hint of a stretch mark. (I attribute this to both my genetics and my pregnancy diet.) Incredible. I am so lucky. Although, it ain’t over yet!

Cole’s notes update over the past week:

  • I’m actually starting to gain a little bit more weight.
  • My belly is often quite tight and I have small, short contractions more often.
  • Small amount of swelling in my feet and hands. So I’m drinking water constantly.
  • Combine more water with a crushed bladder and the bathroom and I are quickly becoming intimately acquainted.
  • I’m too tired to do any yoga and that makes me sad.
  • I don’t even know what happened to last week it went so fast.
  • I found a dresser for the nursery. It’s painted YELLOW and I love it.
  • Lots of fetal movement.
  • I still have an innie!
  • We can’t decide on a name.
  • I’m trying Bob’s Formula for Women iron supplement. Only been a few days so nothing to report yet.
  • One of our midwives is coming for a home visit next Thursday. Shit is gettin’ REAL.

I wish there was something to help me feel better!

OMG baby’s due in one month tomorrow.


  1. Cheryle TaylorMarch 22, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Short little comments….well, mostly!…..follow the leader!!

    ~ I will be VERY surprised if you make it to your due date!!

    ~ when I was pregnant with Bryce and could no longer sit, stand, lie down, turn over, eat, breathe, sleep, or anything else (also asked to be reminded of this IF I ever considered having another baby!), my doctor at the time had a theory. It was: In very late pregnancy women tend to get absolutely fed up. They are basically like I stated above. THEN, for whatever ‘reason’ they feel better. HMMMMM……THEN they go into labour!
    Guess what? It happened that way for me!!

    Is your little guy ‘dropping’ at all?
    Is breathing easier??

    Braxton-Hicks…..those contractions that are coming more often……hmmmmmm…..!!

    I repeat…….I will be sooooo surprised if you make it to that due date!!


  2. JulieMarch 23, 2014 at 8:22 am

    Don’t say that! I have this fear he’ll come “early” and I won’t be mentally prepared. I have to finish my Hypno Babies training! Actually, I have a feeling he will be early. He’s so active and I feel like he’s almost ready to come into this world. We’ll see I guess!

    I don’t think he’s dropped because I still have trouble breathing sometimes. Although, the past few days I feel like his head has been grinding into my pelvic bones. I don’t know what it is, when I lie on my side a certain way it hurts in my pelvis in a way I haven’t felt before. But maybe he’s just gained a good amount of weight. My belly suddenly seems a lot bigger. I can still put my own shoes on! :)

  3. Cheryle TaylorMarch 24, 2014 at 11:40 am

    Babies usually slow…..or at least, change the nature of their movements near birthing time.

    And……usually with first babies, they ‘drop’ a week or 10 days before birth. It can be gradual. Your midwife can let you know that status!

    Hey, hypnosis or no hypnosis, he’s going to come when he comes!
    Babies are great for teaching us about loosening our illusions of control! ;-)

    And…..we’ll see!!!

    Sending love!



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