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February 1, 2014 Pregnancy 1

28 Week Belly

Friday was my last day of work.

I went to my doctor on Wednesday for a letter to reactivate my sick leave claim that began when I took two weeks off in August. I see my GP at least once a month, and so we’ve been talking about how work has been impacting my physical and emotional health for the better part of 2013, even before I became pregnant.

“I’m here for a letter to go on sick leave,” I said to her.

She smiled kindly at me with her genuinely tender and compassionate manner. “You’re ready this time?”

My eyes welled with tears. She’s been on my side since the first day I met her. She is a constant support. I nodded my head and sighed heavily with relief. “Everything’s in place.” I said.

“Okay, let’s do this.”


On Friday I was duped into thinking we were heading to lunch with our team. At the bottom of the stairs I realized something was amiss…sure enough, my team and the rest of the office staff was in the lunch room for a surprise party. I’m not one for being the centre of attention, but it was a lovely little send-off. On my cake, the words “We’ll miss you Julie”. Gorgeous flowers. A very nice bottle of red from a co-worker who probably loves wine more than I do. Hugs all around. I was touched. It has been a wonderful place to work—everyone is always gentle and kind, ever supportive, and easily lends an ear when I need to talk. I will miss them, too.

So I’m sort of in shock and I think it will take a few days for it to really sink in. For now it’s just a weekend. I pushed myself too hard today and will need to assess how much I can do in a day. Tomorrow will be better. Yoga in the morning. Rest. Walk the dogs. Superbowl at a friend’s house. Rest. Sleep. Monday is open. As is Tuesday…


I took my gestational diabetes glucose tolerance test on Thursday morning. 12-hour fast. Blood drawn for a baseline. Sugary orange drink down the hatch. More blood drawn at one hour, and then again at two hours. I booked the quiet “room” at the back of the lab that has a recliner to rest in. It wasn’t so bad. My one-hour test was just slightly out of range but I am uncertain as to what this means exactly. I check my results on My eHealth, and see my midwife on Tuesday for more information. Seems as though there isn’t a standardized number for gestational diabetes so my Internet research indicates both GD and not GD. More on those results next week.

28 weeks and now in my third trimester. How did I get here so fast?? Slow down! But I am savouring every moment with my belly. Now it really feels like there’s a baby in there, and it’s magical. His movements are becoming more fluid, less like kicking and more like he’s stretching his arms and pushing his legs to see if he can make that space just a little bit roomier. Sometimes it’s a rolling all across my tummy, like he’s on the move to find a more comfortable spot. It’s totally surreal. I’ve been trying to capture a video today but no luck. Will try more this coming week.

With MUCH more free time in my life, I’ll be updating the blog more often, although the weekly pregnancy updates will continue. I’m really glad you’re here.

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